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Take payment from popular payment apps

Plus, with an annual cost of just $199 per person, our digital business cards offer a great value compared to traditional cards, which can cost hundreds of dollars to produce and distribute.

No Mobile Apps Needed

Digital business cards are an innovative and cost-effective solution for professionals looking to stay connected in the modern world. Tap2Space offers all the same information as traditional cards, but with the added convenience of being easily accessible on smartphones. Receive a custom-designed digital business card that can be shared using a tap card, QR code, email, text, or social media, making it easy to exchange contact and marketing information with clients and colleagues.


Upgrade to a digital business card today and start enjoying the benefits of this modern, hassle-free solution for staying connected.

Super-Charge Your Networking

With your own custom designed landing page for Tap Cards & QR Codes. 

8 billion will be lost or thrown away within a week!

10 billion business cards are printed each year.

Digital Business cards are Eco friendly!  Tap2Space is proud to help keep nearly 12,000 metric tons of paper out of landfills.

Your Tap2Space is sharable anywhere, always handy & can never be lost

Stand out, Increase Engagement & Go GREEN

Event Landing Spaces

Custom landing page for:

  • Bridal Showers/Weddings

  • Baby Shower

  • Corporate events

  • Product Launch

  • Political events

  • RSVP

  • Pre registrations

  • Add to calendar

  • Take Donations

  • Gift Registry

Pre Event

Invite attendees via:

  • Tap/QR

  • Email

  • Text

  • Social

Post Event

Event media/coverage

  • Photos

  • Video

  • Message board/comments 

  • Sales



Custom Designed Business Card / Landing Space

  • Contact information

  • Direct Call,Email, Text Message, Website 

  • Social Media

  • vCard (Add to Contacts)

  • Payment Links (Cash App, Zelle, PayPal, etc.)

  • Photo/Video & Content Animations

2 graphic changes per year

Unlimited data changes

Unlimited scans/clicks 

1x Tap/NFC Card

1x Tap/NFC Keychain (Fob)

QR Code file (Printable)

$299 First Year (Includes Custom Design & Setup)

$199 Per Year (After first year)


For Teams or Businesses who share common design elements or themes

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